Hygiene Check for Under-garments

Dear wonderful ladies, what’s the foremost feeling that comes to your mind when you think of personal hygiene? What can make you feel the most hygienic even during a day that’s terribly hot and sweaty? Needless of a second thought, the answer is - hygiene of our private parts. If they’re cool, we’re cool!

Shopping for the perfect set of LINGERIE isn’t an easy job with myriad options available in colors, fabrics, patterns and designs in market. Of course, it’s good to be spoilt for choices but certainly not at the cost of hygiene. Sweat, wetness and foul fabric can trigger infections causing embarrassment. Therefore, it’s important to choose the undergarments that are made of the right fabric, desired style for you and the perfect size.

Check the following while buying the perfect set of lingerie for perfect hygiene and comfort -

Size and shape of your innerwear – Your inner wear should neither be too tight to suffocate you nor be too loose that it doesn’t support your private parts appropriately. Misfit lingerie can also cause skin allergies caused by tight elastics rubbing over the sensitive skin.

Tip - While buying, do not forget to refer to the size charts which most brands offer.

Fabric is important! Ask most medical practitioners about infections of private parts, and they will tell you it was because of bad fabric that didn’t absorb the moisture to keep the infection forming yeasts away.

While choosing the fabric for every day undergarments, it’s best to avoid synthetic materials like nylon and polyester which tend to retain moisture and attract yeast infections. Doctors highly recommend undergarments made of organic cotton for daily wear which are light, airy & allow the body to perspire as the fabric soaks up moisture, keeping the area dry.

With the launch of brand ‘Inner Sense’ in India, every Indian woman now has access to high quality organic inner wear that is made from bamboo fibres, to create an anti-microbial underclothing. The bamboo plantations from which Inner Sense sources the material are managed in strict accordance with the international organic standards. This ensures that the bamboo they use is 100% natural; free of chemicals & pesticides.

Inner Sense Hygienic Lingerie

Organic cotton and organic bamboo are the hallmark of Inner Sense that promises an allergy-free inner wear experience every day. Indian by design and International by standard, the stylish range and super-soft Inner Sense lingerie feel good next to your skin.

So ladies, keep clean, keep healthy and be loved every day with Inner Sense organic inner wear that keeps you cool, smiling & fresh :)

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