How long should a bra last

How long should a bra last

Of all the shopping we do and clothes we periodically replace or upgrade, there is one garment in all of our wardrobes that doesn’t get changed as often. Tops get replaced when the colour fades away, jeans get an upgrade when they lose their shape, yet our bras continue to stay with us for long, even if the elastic is a little loose, or the fit is odd. And it isn’t because we cant change them. It is more so because we don’t know that we have to. Bras come with a life span that many are oblivious of.

When to discard your bra

But have you ever tried to find out how long you can use a bra?

The general rule is that bras have to be replaced every 6-8 months

Or once they start showing the following signs:

  1. The elastic is loose
  2. It isn’t giving you the shape it used to
  3. The fabric is stretchy

That said, a bra can last longer if taken good care of. Here’s our little tidbit on how to do just that:

Give them a rest

Never wear the same bra continuous days, even if you tend to sweat less and don’t see the need to change it as often. Constant use stretches the bra’s elastic which in turn shortens the life span. Giving your favourite bra some rest between wears will help maintain its shape and last longer.

Rotate your bras

Rotate your bras

If you find a piece of lingerie you like or a style that fits well, buy 2-3 pieces so that you can rotate them. The more bras you have, the better you can rotate and the longer each piece will last.

Never wash in a machine

One of the most important but neglected laundry rules – never wash your bra in the washing machine – even if you use the special mesh lingerie bag for it. It isn’t about how protected it will be in that bag. Machine wash will be rough on the bra material as well as the underwire and elastics. It isn’t too complicated a piece of clothing that you need to stress over washing it by hand. Just soak in some soapy cold water, squeeze rather than wring and hang it on a hanger. You are good to go.

Wash after 2-3 wears

Another thumb rule is that a bra doesn’t need to be washed every time you wear it. Wear it, air it and reuse it for at least two to three times before you wash it. The rule, of course, does not apply for days when you’ve sweat a lot.

Grab some anti-microbial bras

Beige everyday t-shirt bra

Anti-microbial and organic bras (like the ones at Innersense) are a good investment for daily wear and you can rest assured they won't harm your skin even if you don’t wash them after each wear. The bamboo fibre used to make the bras have hypo-allergenic properties that make the undergarments suitable for sensitive skin too.

 Know when to retire a bra

After doing all the above, once you’ve crossed the 12-month period or the garment is beginning to show strain, let it go. And head over here to get yourself the feeling of a fresh new, well-fitting bra.

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