Gift Card F.A.Q.

From time to time, Inner Sense runs various offers or gift cards via their channel partners. These typically have a coupon code & a time validity attached to them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

    I just received an Inner Sense Gift Card. How do I use it?

    For making a purchase with your Gift Card on Inner Sense website, simply enter the code at the checkout page. The purchase amount will be deducted from your Gift Card's available balance.

    Does the Inner Sense Gift Card expire?

    Yes, it has a validity of 2 months unless specifically stated on the card itself. 

    How many times can a gift card coupon code be used?

    Technically the code can be used once by a single user. This means it can only be availed by an individual once. i.e. The gift coupon is applicable on a unique email id + unique address + unique phone number. If any of the said details are duplicate, the gift coupon code will not apply. If the order gets placed, it will be cancelled manually by the Inner Sense team.

    Inner Sense's decisions on the usage of gift cards are final.