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Material Guide

If you knew what you’re wearing closest to your skin is not at all good for you, would you still wear it? If you knew that there are superior products available, would you still go on using the same old innerwear just because you’re used to them? Of course, you wouldn’t. No sensible woman would. That’s who our customer is.

Coming to fabric sensibilities. What do we mean by that? And how is our fabric superior?

The core philosophy that Inner Sense is built on is of adding sense to inner-wear. India is a tropical country but the fabrics that most brands use to make inner wear are polyesters & nylons. We saw the huge problem in that & wanted to create a better fabric that can absorb that moisture on the skin & evaporate it quickly making the wearer feel fresher & cleaner. That’s what made us create a unique blend of bamboo fiber & organic cotton.

Inner Sense fabric = Bamboo fiber + Organic Cotton + Elastane.

Let’s understand each of them:

Bamboo shoots

Bamboo fiber: Bamboo is the OG (Original Gangster for the uninitiated) of fabrics. It is a highly sustainable crop. It needs very little water or fertilizers for growth. And what’s really special is that its internal structure is hollow which makes it absorb & evaporate moisture 3X faster than even cotton. This also leads to its inherent properties of being anti-microbial, anti-odour, anti-static. And the feel of the fabric is close to silk! Need we say more?

Organic cotton flower
Organic Cotton: Organic cotton is where we take care of the farmers & the environment. No pesticides or harmful carcinogenic chemicals go in the production process making the fabric super eco-friendly. Did you know that conventional cotton is the 2nd most pesticide laden crop in the world? And that it poses a risk to the farmer & their family’s health. And ofcourse, leads to soil, water & air pollution. Using organic means of production ensures that no nasty stuff goes inside our fabric & therefore on our skins.


Elastane: What’s a great innerwear product without an attribute of stretchability, right? That’s what elastane does. A little goes a long way. We add a 4% of elastane in our fabric, so that the fabric provides ease of movement & does not feel restrictive.