Best nursing bras in India

How to buy a nursing bra

Exciting, empowering and enriching are just some of the words used to describe pregnancy. But the changes that a woman’s body goes through during these nine months is a different story all together. Nausea, cravings, back pains and fluctuating moods along with physical changes are just a few of the things pregnant women deal with.

To be worn during and after pregnancy, a maternity bra is a more comfortable version of a conventional bra. Made of stretchy fabrics, most maternity bras have broader adjustable shoulder straps, wider back straps and come equipped with up to four hooks to accommodate the changing cup size.

Breast feeding my baby

A nursing bra is designed for breastfeeding; while similar in design to the maternity bra, the cups of a nursing bra can be unhooked to expose a breast. This makes for convenient feeding, saving the mother the hassle of undressing or struggling to remove her bra.

Nursing bras at Innersense are anti-microbial, anti-odour and hygienic and made of fabrics that are a blend of organic cotton and organic bamboo. They have been specially designed keeping in mind the fluctuating breast sizes and hence the nursing bras can also double up as maternity bras. They come in various styles such as:

  1. ‘A’ frame inner sling: For maximum coverage with front sling/cup open. Explore nursing bras with such slings here.

  2. Side inner sling: Most popular among new mothers. We have many options by Inner Sense that you can check here.

     Side inner sling by Inner Sense

  3. Thin strap inner sling: Allows for maximum skin contact during nursing. Browse these here

    Thin inner sling by Inner Sense

  4. Overlap: Comfort fit during and post pregnancy; Most women tend to suffer from soreness. Hence wearing such a bra while sleeping can be comforting as well. Check some of the options available here.

    Overlap bra

Things to remember when buying nursing bras

  1. Buy the bra during the eighth month of pregnancy; the breast size post pregnancy is likely to remain the same as the size during this period
  2. Focus on finding bras with well- fitting cups
  3. Choose bras with front clasps; they will allow you to unhook the bra sling with one hand while holding the baby in your arms.
  4. A broad back strap and four-hook clasp in a bra provide better back support; these go a long way in making you feel comfortable with those swollen breasts
  5. Fabric with high absorption capacity to deal with leakage
  6. Consider your wardrobe – the cuts, styles, colours – when choosing a nursing bra pattern. That said, becoming a mom doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on your style. Inner Sense offers a huge selection of colours and styles to suit your taste.
  7. Start with two nursing bras to get comfortable. Once you start feeding, you’ll know the pattern that suits your needs and then buy more of the same. We recommend you keep at least five nursing bras in your wardrobe so that you are not stressing about laundering them everyday.
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