How to choose the perfect strapless bra

How to choose the perfect strapless bra

Strapless bras with off-shoulder tops

With summers, many of you prefer to slip into off-shoulder tops, halters, tube tops, strapless dresses et al. For that enduring chemistry of yours with a strapless dress, it is essential to invest in a right kind of a strapless bra to go with it and wear it rightly. Check out a few tips on selecting the right ones and how to wear them…

Thumb rule for buying a strapless bra:

Band It Right

Correct Band size for strapless

In a conventional bra, the straps and band together support your breasts. In case of a strapless bra, this onus of support falls completely to the band so make sure the band is well fitted. Ensure that you buy a bra that is one size down on band (but make sure that your breasts don’t spill out of it or the band should not make red bruise/marks on the skin) and size up on cups than your regular bra. It will give you that perfect push and a right fit. If you are voluptuous and have a fuller bust, look for strapless bras with a wider band and three to four hooks for more comfortable wear. Remember: fuller busts require wider bands.

Trial is a must:

Many of us find trial rooms to be harrowing and avoid trying undergarments before purchase. Why that’s a big no-no is a story for another day but don’t take the risk of not trying out a strapless bra before buying it. As explained earlier, getting the fit right is imperative and if you want to avoid buying an ill-fitting strapless bra, do take a few in to the trial room.  

Ensure the comfort:

Strapless bra for women

We understand the stress that a strapless bra brings with it but do avoid a bra that is too tight - the edges and bands will cut into your skin and leave it bruised. Make sure you don't buy a bra so snug that you are left battling lack of blood circulation or adequate air flow! When investing in an underwired strapless pinning that gives your breasts a symmetrical look, confirm the bra has soft finishing preferably with silicone edges; these help you stay comfortable for longer hours. If silicone is out of your budget or causes skin rashes, opt for bras with cotton edges.

Stick It Well:

Talcum powder under bra band

A thumb rule of wearing a strapless bra is to make sure you avoid situations that risk your strapless bra heading south. And that primarily means you have to make sure that your bra sticks to the skin. Avoid applying moisturizer, cream or oil your chest before wearing a strapless bra. A good way to make the silicon edges stick to your skin is to apply talcum powder or dusting powder.

Conceal it right:                

For the perfect final look, just sew cups of your strapless bra on the inside of your dress. This way you won’t have to worry about the bra. It will hold to your skin just right! Even double-sided tapes for clothing can be used — that way your bra won’t peep out in any case!

Keep Transparent Straps Handy:

Most strapless bras come with transparent straps. So, if everything else fails to make you feel comfortable carrying yourself in a strapless bra, all you need to do is attach these straps to your bra and wear your attire with all the confidence, sans worries about the bra's fitting.

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