How to wear a bralette- 7 easy ways to style bralettes

How to wear a bralette- 7 easy ways to style bralettes

What do you call a piece of lingerie that started as a trend and has created a much-loved space in lingerie wardrobes worldwide? We call it the 'bralette'.

From wispy pieces to sturdier ones made of cotton or organic material (like the ones at Inner Sense), sexy designs to chic cuts, there is a bralette out there for almost every girl.

If you are still wondering what a bralette is and how you could wear it, read on. 

A bralette is a an unstructured version of a bra, sans the underwire and the padding. Typically made of stretchy fabric, bralettes are preferred for the ‘comfort’ factor, rather than the ‘support’ factor. That said, a bralette’s aim is not restricted to ‘coverage’ alone. With carefully crafted cuts, contours and even cup sizes, the bralette strives to provide the necessary shape and fit to the wearer. 


Bralettes by Inner Sense

You may ask, if something is designed to be a bra but does not provide support, then why must one opt for it. The answer is very simple – comfort. 

The non-confining and comfortable features of a bralette make it the first choice – and occasionally even the favourite – for women across age groups and sizes. These also include pregnant women and nursing mothers; essentially the new age woman who loves to revel in and reveal her natural figure rather than ‘enhancing’ it.  The lack of underwire, padding and other trappings of the conventional bra makes the bralette a perfect wear in warm weather, especially when made with organic material that increases the bralette’s breathability and moisture absorption capacity. 

The bralette is also loved for being a fashionable undergarment that doesn’t necessarily have to be hidden ‘under’ garments. Having taken on the tag of being a 'fashion statement', it is now acceptable for a bralette to be visible. The bralette is designed with a fun element so you aren’t embarrassed when it is seen through a dress and you can even go a step further and use it as an accessory to enhance your attire. 

How then does one wear a bralette and what is the best way to pick a bralette for a specific occasion? 

There are different kinds of bralettes, and each has features that help pair it with the right dress. It could be a lacy material, a strappy bralette, a fancy cleavage baring version or a bralette with a halter neck. It is these features that help decide what you want to pair it with and how to style it as an outerwear. 

Here are 7 easy ways to style a bralette:

1. Sheer tops















Bralette with transparent top

Chuck that traditional boring camisole and don a lacy or printed bralette under your sheer top. Not only will this look trendy, it will be comfortable and won’t raise eyebrows as a conventional bra worn under a sheer top would.

2. Low armholes 

Sleeveless tops are an integral part of all wardrobes, especially those in warm climates. And many of these tops come with a low armhole making it necessary to wear a camisole underneath. Two layers of clothing over an undergarment is something all of us would love to avoid! A bralette allows you to do just that in a fashionable way - because where’s the harm in letting a bit of lace peep through your armhole. It’s all about amping up the style quotient!

3. Off-shoulder tops/dresses –

Team an off-shoulder dress with a halter-neck bralette in a contrasting colour, transforming your outfit into a classy statement. A dainty sling bag and a pair of sandals make you ready for a pleasant wine-tasting session

4. Plunging neckline –

Plunging neckline with Cross elastic bralette by Inner Sense

A classic halter neck bralette or a strappy bralette will work wonders on a low-cut dress; giving you the necessary cleavage cover without ruining the feel of the dress. You can even pair bralettes with plunging V-neck tops and say goodbye to constantly pulling up your top. And if you are the feisty kins, channel your inner diva by showing off the bra on a plunging neckline like the lovely 

5. As a blouse with a saree–

Inner Sense bralette as a blouse

Ever wondered why saree is considered the most sexy & versatile garment ever? For one, it is because you can dress it up or down as desired. In the Indian context especially, you can pair it with a bralette & there's that desi-girl oomph right there.

6. Pregnant & nursing women –

A must have in the wardrobe of women who are going through constant bodily changes and often have to deal with a sore body. The soft texture of a bralette and the absence of wires/padding make it an extremely comfortable and ‘breathy’ wear

7. Outerwear –

Another popular way to wear a bralette is as a crop top. Team your favourite bralette with a pair of denims, a flirty skirt and a jacket or a pair of shorts and a kaftan shrug to suit the occasion.

Whether it is for a fun outdoor gathering, a sexy evening date or to just lounge at home, a bralette lets us be what all of us secretly want to – free.


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