Lingerie Essentials for Travel

Lingerie Essentials for Travel


It doesn’t matter where you are heading to or with whom, a vacation is a vacation. And you want to return with beautiful memories rather than horror stories of wardrobe malfunctions! The only way to avoid this is to be organized and Team Inner Sense has made a list of undergarments and accessories that every woman who travels – frequently or not – must have in her suitcase. 

Bralettes - 

If you can abide without a padded and underwired bra, then we suggest packing a few bralettes and unlined bras. They take up less space and would be so much more comfortable in hotter climates. They are also comfortable for those times when you are sharing rooms or staying at a relative’s home and can’t go braless. 

Inner Sense Sleep BraInner Sense Non-Padded Wirefree Bra

Convertible Bras - 

Convertible bras are a boon for travellers struggling with space constraint. A flick of the strap(s) changes a convertible bra to suit your outfit of choice. This supportive bra is the answer for when you want to carry a halter shirt, a strapless dress and a racerback T-shirt without the hassle of packing in bras to suit each outfit.

Inner Sense Padded Convertible BraInner Sense Non padded convertible bra

Panties – 

There’s a whole world of panties to choose from and to suit your outfits. Be it a thong or a high-waist, boy shorts or bikini panties, pack the ones you are most comfortable in. And be sure to pack plenty. Coz you can repeat the bra but no one wants to repeat unwashed panties.

Camisoles – 

A bunch of coloured camisoles that would take up bare minimum space in your bag could be a lifesaver! From acting as layering when you need to bundle up against the cold to being a makeshift nightdress, camisoles are versatile and how!

Nightwear - 

These are something no one really thinks about but let’s be honest, after a day of travelling, don't you want to sleep comfortably at night and be fresh for the next day of travel. Opt for boy shorts and camisoles or nightshirts - these take up lesser space.

Inner Sense Sleep Wear Pyjamas Inner Sense Organic Cotton Robe

Shapewear – 

For the party girls who love to explore the nightlife in any city, pack in one shapewear with your favourite LBD to control the curves and dance the night away.

Swimsuits - 

Whether you can swim or not, nothing should stop you from being able to lounge in the pool or on a beach chair. So make sure you pack a stylish and comfortable swimsuit. The markets are flooded with swimwear of different varieties so go for one that makes you feel sexy. 

Remember, comfortable can be sexy and vice versa. So don’t let the bikini body hype sway you into splurging on a two-piece suit that will leave you uncomfortable and covered in a wrap.

Lingerie bags - 

Lingerie bags, especially the mesh variety are a boon. Not only do they help organize your lingerie and protect them, but the system also allows you to stash those soiled undergarments separately.

Racerback Bra Clips –

Another way of moulding your comfortable, regular bra to suit a halter or racerback top are these clips. Pull back the straps of your bra and use racerback bra clips to secure them; the clip lies flat on your back so there's no discomfort nor does it poke out of clothes.

Detergent & Stain Remover – 

We don’t need to tell you why carrying some detergent is a good idea. But if space permits and you can lay your hands on it, we recommend carrying a few sachets of stain removers. Stains that seep through your clothes and onto your lingerie is not uncommon. 

While you might not have the luxury of soaking and washing the stain off your undergarment while travelling, you'll have tackled the worse and saved that rather expensive bit of delicate with the handy stain remover.

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