Lingerie Packing Tips for the Travelling Woman

Lingerie Packing Tips for the Travelling Woman

Packing tips for the travelling womanThere is never a ‘season’ for the holidays. Travel is like a booster shot which is taken at regular intervals but at times, when the need arises. Irrespective of the reason, the stream of events that leads to the travel remains the same.  

Planning, booking and packing woes remain the same irrespective of the nature and the distance.

Team Inner Sense, by virtue of experience, has realised that packing outfits and undergarments in the correct way goes a long way in ensuring a hassle-free trip. While this aspect of packing varies on the person and destination, a few tips and tricks are always helpful, right?

Plan your outfits: 

Choosing outfits for the trip will help you decide the kind of accessories, shoes and most importantly, lingerie that you need to carry. Prioritizing your outfits will aide in listing the kind of lingerie required for each and will also enable you to mix and match your delicates so that you don’t face the problem of plenty or less. This also helps you with that emergency shopping trip – should you need one – and you will be free of that feeling of doom when you fail to unearth that strapless bra to go with the perfect beach dress!

Carry the essential underwear: 

Space constraint apart, there are certain lingerie that every travelling woman absolutely must have in her kit; other than the comfortable bra and panties that is. These are the versatile convertible bra, a stylish swimsuitbralette, sports bra and comfortable nightwear.

Say hello to nudes and blacks

Say hello to nudes and blacks: 

Choosing nude or black coloured lingerie is a smarter decision. You can wear them under garments of all colours and follow the wear-wash-repeat pattern. Free yourself from the pain of ‘matching’ when you travel.


Hook them and fold them: 

Hook the bras that you are packing to make sure they don’t catch the fabric of other bras and lead to a case of ‘damaged delicates’. Stack padded bras into each other. This will help maintain the shape and save room. Want to utilize the space further? Tuck rolled up socks and/or thin scarves into the cups. Do not scrunch your knickers and camisoles, they’ll end up damaged and look unkempt.

Compact Lingerie Bag

Lingerie travel bags/mesh bags: 

No one wants their expensive lingerie to snag in zippers and hooks. Whether your lingerie comprises lacy wisps or sturdy bras, they need to be protected. And you don’t want them jumbled with other clothes or tumbling out if you need to open that bag during the security check! Investing in travel lingerie bags or lingerie mesh bags is the solution. Avoiding the bulky kits, opt for bags that fit 3-4 bras. These can be tucked in the suitcase without them taking up too much space. Panties and camisoles can be folded and slipped into handmade cloth bags.

Carry some washing liquid: 

It is absolutely normal, and we repeat NORMAL, to want to wash your lingerie when travelling. Who doesn’t enjoy the safety net of extra clean underwear during travels? Carry a little bottle filled with detergent or shampoo sachets and use these to hand wash your delicates on the go. Soak and rinse in the bathroom sink and use towel racks to dry out these delicates.

Pop in a cloth bag: 

Carry a few cloth bags to keep your soiled intimates. That way, you will not be in danger of mixing the used with the unused and laundry - at home or an emergency one in the hotel - will be easier.

Must-have in your carry on:  

That carryon bag which has your emergency medicines, sanitary help, and pillow and entertainment mediums should also have space for a change of undergarments. If you are comfortable wearing bralettes or underwired non-padded bras, then pack one of those with a pair of knickers, a camisole and a pair of socks. Roll up all these in a cloth bag and plonk it at the bottom, to be pulled out in case of emergency.  

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