Little Things That Matter

Little Things That Matter

“Do small things with great love.”

The magic of life lies in the details. Small gestures, hidden love notes, flirty smiles, or be it the familiar tunes that take you home, little things have a butterfly effect. 

Be it:

  • The shiny eyes of a baby when he/she giggles at you in the metro
  • The nostalgia that hits you when someone plays your favourite song in the bar
  • Days when you feel like a siren strutting in your matching set of lingerie
  • Or, the way your partner pulls you closer in the middle of the night to snuggle you tighter
  • Oh! even a ‘Hey’ from a long lost school crush, can make us feel all warm and fuzzy in the middle of the day.  

Little things pull us out of the mundanity.

Daily, your alarm sets off in the morning at 7:30am. You press the snooze button a couple of times before heading to the shower by 8:00am. You dress up and are ready to leave the house by 8:30am so you can make it to the 8:45am train into town. On some days you grab your breakfast on your way, while on others you skip. Work starts by 9:30am, few meetings happen then suddenly it’s lunch. After a while the day gets over too. You head home, hit the gym, make dinner and while you eat it hits you – your daily routine has trapped you in a life of sameness, repetition and monotony. And you don’t like even a bit of it. Add to it the occasional dose of body shaming and stereotyping we get to spice up our daily lives.

Well, routine is nice. It signifies discipline, which everyone of us are in the dire need of. Going to the gym daily, eating healthy, waking up on time, cooking food or be it walking to the office - they all have significance in your life. However, it does get boring, doesn’t it? 

So hey! If you feel like you're stuck in the similar rut and are looking for a change, it’s time you dig into your daily monotonous routine and start noticing the #LittleThingsThatMatter:

When was the last time you dressed up?

Dressing up for even the tiniest occasions in life does make a lot of difference. Heading out for a coffee? Going to office? Or maybe attending your distant friend’s wedding? Give yourself time, pick out clothes, the jewellery that goes along and the footwear too! 

Don’t forget to decide on what you’ll wear underneath? A wrong bra or underwear that reveals too much can be a party pooper! 

Cotton bras are the best when it comes to long working hours or an all night party! 

When you put effort into something as little as getting ready that you otherwise might ignore, you instantly feel good about yourself! 

The day gets better when you radiate confidence from the inside. 

Don’t be shy about whether someone would call you dressing up daily “absurd”, “too much”, “too fake” or “when do you get the time”. You wear whatever you like and have a good look at yourself in the mirror. Nobody, but you first, needs to know how worthy, gorgeous and smart you are.

Feel a Burn out cos of all the work?

Somewhere in the middle of all the work-home-work hustle, we lose our balance - happens to all of us! Sleep and food go on the backseat and 9-5 jobs take over. Stress piles up, back ache becomes a constant friend and ‘why don’t you head out and just relax’ Is a long lost dream! 

When the work-life hits you hard, don’t let it take over! Make little changes in life to have a control over your mental and physical peace. You can start with avoiding too much coffee that you drink every evening to function. High caffeine intake triggers insomnia, anxiety and fatigue! So, the next time if someone offers you coffee to wake you up, denying it would be a better option.

Next up is your work environment! 

Do you have plants around your table? Pictures? Is your desk clean and sorted? When was the last time you dusted the entire thing?

Well, if your answer is NO to any one of these, the time is now to make some changes. A bright & clean workplace will make you a happy woman while you are at work. When you mind is at peace with where it is, the effects show! 

Also, while you are fixing the environment around you, make some changes with your body too! Long working hours demand comfort from the inside. If your bra or underwear is hurting or bothering you, they distract you from the work. 

So no poky bras or itchy underwear to work!! 

In comfortable cotton bras we trust!

Had some fun lately?

When was the last time you tried something new? Or went out and had some real fun?

As we grow older, we slowly, unintentionally start eliminating fun out of our lives. The reason? Is it the work, family, or just you? No one knows!


Whoever told you to stop having fun, needs to shut up and relax too! What fun would life be will all the monotony? Sleep, Eat, Work, Repeat should be the mantra of your life, but do add some spice to it! 

Take yourself out occasionally to places you always wanted to be at. Travel a lot - it always helps! Try something new out once in a while, be it food, dance, lacey lingerie or experiments with your partner in bed! Sing your heart out loud in karaokes and eat the sushi too!

All we ask you is to take out some time for yourself, no matter how busy life gets, which it obviously will. Make a bucket list of all the stuff you dream of doing and start striking it off! 

Be a kid again! 

Are you having a good sound sleep?

When sleep messes up, everything gets messed up! 

Inadequate rest can lead to fatigue, headaches, skin aging and lack of attention. It basically dumbs you down! 

Do you want to be dumbed down? No, right!

So sleep on time, be at comfort, and wear something that doesn’t suffocate you - soft organic lingerie is advisable. Binge watching and late night texting to your crush can wait for the next day!

When your sleep gets on track, your skin, mind and body get on track! Work doesn’t seem tiring, colleagues seem pretty nice and mood swings get in check

Oh Mothers! How have you been?

Well since we haven’t had the chance to be a mother, we can’t really say what the pain or joy of being a mother is like. Saying anything out of the blue would just be naive and will undermine the sacrifices you have made. And if someone hasn’t told you yet, you are doing a really good job balancing everything out after a 5 pound living breathing organism just stormed out of your vagina.

Well, though we can’t fathom what you go through emotionally and physically, we do surely can give you tiny little tips to keep you going! 

Postpartum stress or depression is normal, so don’t be say about it or ignore it. Instead address it! See a specialist, talk to them about what you are going through, cathart and heal. Taking care and dealing with a new responsibility even though you prepared for months before it came, isn’t that easy.

You physical health needs as much attention as your mental and emotional. Now that you have to constantly feed and run after a toddler, might as well prepare for it. Eat Healthy, Sleep right and Drink up on your fluids. Take care of your and your baby’s skin, it gets really sensitive in the initial postpartum days. 

Make sure to opt for organic feeding or nursing bras that keep your skin healthy and cause no harm to your baby. 

Also, be sure to take your time losing all the baby weight - nobody’s gonna ask you to walk for Victoria's Secret the next day so baby fat can wait! If you feel shy about it, wear light and breezy clothes that cover your belly up. If you don’t, wear whatever you wish to - you are a supermom! All you have to make sure is the fabric you choose to wear doesn’t harm your skin or your baby’s! 

In the end, all we need to do is..

Notice the Little Things, they Matter! 

A little discomfort in what you wear inside can lead to a bad mood, distracted brain, incomplete work, arguments, a bad image and maybe the job. On the other hand, even a little act of kindness you show to a stranger can transform their outlook for the rest of their lives and the people they interact with - the happiness just multiplies, and you are its butterfly!

Don’t get too caught up in your life, or worry about where you are headed all the time. Pay attention to the tiny things - the flower that blooms right outside your window, the pigeon that chirps every morning or the puppy that comes running after you the moment you step out of your auto to head home. Think about these #LittleThingsThatMatter and how they take place just for you! How they get unnoticed even when they have the power to alter our course of life! 

So, remember to always cherish every little moment of joy, laughter, and happiness that life gifts you with. Take the plunge, don’t think twice, let the emotions overflow - after all we are humans meant to love!

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