The ABCD of Maternity Bras

The ABCD of Maternity Bras

SUPER sensitive breasts and nipples hurt like crazy? Girl, you might be expecting!

Full, sore and tingling breasts are one of the earliest signs of pregnancy! And from this day on, your boobs have a mind of their own. They change by the month and seem to grow by the hour!

Sore breasts during pregnancy

Within eight weeks to 10 weeks, you may find you have outgrown all those pretty bras in your closet. You suddenly go up a cup size (Yay!), the band feels too tight (Bummer!), and the chafe of fabric against your tender nipples is driving you out of your mind.

Going bra-free is definitely not an option at this point. You may think you don’t need special lingerie, but NOW is the time to invest in a supportive maternity bra for your changing body.

Nah, we are NOT talking about those frumpy granny bras that would sag and bunch up.

We are talking about the new yummy mummy, glowing goddess brand of maternity lingerie. It is pretty, supportive and made of eco-friendly fabric to make you feel special yet comfortable. And when your little bundle of joy is born, the detachable clasps make it easy to nurse discreetly - at home, in the park or in your car.

Simply look for a nursing bra that meets these criteria:


Pregnancy can make you feel like you are in a sauna that you can’t escape! Your body temperature rises and your skin is super sensitive, so bras made of eco-friendly breathable fabrics are your best bet. Look for organic cotton and moisture-absorbing bamboo fabrics that absorb moisture, reduce irritation and let your skin breathe!


Your tender, growing breasts could use all the support they get! Look for firm and wide elastic straps that give extra support and stop them from bouncing around. Trust me every bounce might hurt at this point!

Also consider panelling on the sides, an under-bust band, and a deep centre at the front.


Underwired bras can become uncomfortable as your body changes and your breasts become tender. Many new mothers and mums-to-be completely switch over to soft-cup bras for comfort.

The choice is yours.


Look for bras with as much coverage as possible. Good fabric coverage helps you stay comfortable if your breasts become more sensitive. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your curves spilling over.


A minimum of three hook positions will allow your bra to grow with you.


Size, size and size – this is crucial ladies - no pinching, no pulling, no sagging and no overflow.

As we said before, your breasts will keep changing throughout pregnancy and the first year of motherhood, so you may find you get through a few bras!

Use the size calculator and measure yourself to figure out your ideal size before ordering.

Check whether the cups fit snugly and cover most of your breasts. Your bra should ideally fasten on to the first set of hooks, leaving plenty of room for growth. And the centre seam should lie comfortably against your breastbone.


Let’s face it – this is one of the most special times in our lives but probably the time we are seriously insecure about how we look. When those extra pounds are making you waddle, and even shampooing has become a task, pretty, colourful lingerie can definitely lift your spirits up.

Maternity bras by Inner Sense 

So go ahead, embrace that growing femininity by buying your first pair of organic anti-microbial Inner Sense maternity lingerie!



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